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Dubai Desert Quad / Buggy Experience

The best way to enjoy the Dubai Desert desert, is through a dune buggy or quad biking tour. Whether you are on holiday in Dubai or residing here, this experience must be on your ‘to-do’ list.
Enjoy free accommodation pick up for groups over 3 people! 

Buggy Desert Tour

2-Seater Buggy / 1 hour – AED1000 (£255 between 2 people) 

2) 2-Seater Buggy / 2 hours – AED1800 (£460 between 2 people) 

Quad Bike Desert Tour

3) Quad biking (400cc) / 1 hour – AED400 (£103 per person) 

4) Quad biking (400cc) / 2 hours – AED600 (£155 per person) 

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