Ultimate Travel eXperience Terms and conditions

Ultimate Travel Experience is a trading name of Ultimate Travel Experience Ltd (‘the Company’). These Conditions apply to all Contracts for the provision of goods and services for transport, accommodation bookings, dinner reservations or other event bookings to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions, including any which the Client may purport to apply or which may appear in any promotional literature. Please read these Conditions carefully in order to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the terms on which reservations are made. In these Conditions, terms used with an upper case initial letter have special defined meanings. Some of these are listed in Clause 8. Others are defined when they are first used. 1. Confirmations and Numbers 1.1 All bookings are provisional until the relevant Contract (signed by the Client) is countersigned on behalf of Ultimate Travel Experience and dated. Ultimate Travel Experience will provide to the Client a copy of the Contract once countersigned on behalf of Ultimate Travel Experience. 1.11 Any payments made through ‘Stripe’ are deemed as contract signed by clients and Ultimate Travel Experience as per point 1.1. 1.2 The Contract shall specify the number of guests for the Event. This represents the number of guests the Client guarantees will attend at the Event and the Company has calculated its charges on this basis. 1.3 If the number of guests increases, your initial invoice will be adjusted and the additional charges must be paid prior to travelling. 2. Payment 2.1 All accounts incurred will be invoiced in MAD, based on the current conversion from GBP. You make the payment to us in GBP, and we will send the required funds to Marrakech to secure your bookings. 2.2 The Accommodation is secured with a deposit equal to one night’s stay. This is non-refundable and is passed to the Accommodation owner. The remainder of the contract price needs to be paid in cleared funds no later than four calendar weeks prior to the date of travel. 2.3 If on the day of reserving the Accommodation, we are 4 calendar weeks or less from the date of travel, the full balance will be due and payable immediately. Payment Details: Ultimate Travel Experience Bank Name: Revolut Account Number: 99166720 Sort Code: 04-00-75 2.4 All payments made are non refundable and non transferable and this is inclusive of any deposits and part payments made. Should the Client fail to pay any such payment within the specified time period, the Company may treat the Booking as having been cancelled by the Client and retain any payments made.

U2.5 Security Deposit A refundable Accommodation security deposit of MAD500 per person will be taken on the day you clear the balance of the holiday. This will be refunded as soon as you return from your trip. The security deposit is to cover any client inflected breakages or damage to the Accommodation and/or its property, and the cars. Any breakages or damage to the Accommodation and/or cars will be paid out of the group security deposit. Should any breakages or damage exceed the total security deposit held, the balance will be payable with immediate effect. 2.6 Extras The Client shall pay Ultimate Travel Experience for any food and beverages or other goods and/or services not provided for in the Contract or otherwise in correspondence but made available upon request of the Client on the day of the Event. 2.7 Price Variations In the event of circumstances beyond the Company’s control, the Company reserves the right to vary the prices specified in the Contract to an extent which reflects such circumstances. 3. Cancellation by Client 3.1 If the Client wishes to cancel a Booking, such cancellations must be advised to Ultimate Travel Experience in the first instance verbally, followed by written notice of cancellation. Cancellation shall be effective, final and binding on the Working Day on which Ultimate Travel Experience i receives written notice of cancellation (the “Cancellation Date”). Any notice of cancellation received out of the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm shall be deemed made on the next Working Day. Any postponement of any Event shall be considered as a cancellation under this Clause. 3.2 If the Client cancels a Booking, the Company will charge a cancellation fee. This cancellation fee shall be a percentage of the charges payable in respect of the Contract according to the number of clear days (that is not counting the Cancellation Date and the day of the Event) between the Cancellation Date and the date of the Event (the “Cancellation Notice”), as set out below. The cancellation fees apply to the total contract price: More than 28 days prior to the event – deposit only Less than 28 days prior to the event – 100% 3.2.1 Any cancellations within 24 hours of booked activities, beach clubs, restaurants, rooftop bars and nightclubs will be fully payable for the whole balance. 3.3 The cancellation fees payable under this Clause 3 are a genuine pre-estimate of the loss the Company will incur arising out of a cancellation; the actual losses incurred by the Company may be greater or less than these cancellation fees; the cancellation fees are payable whether or not Ultimate Travel Experience is able to find alternative business in respect of the cancelled Event. 3.4 The Company may invoice the Client for any cancellation fees payable at any time after the cancellation. The Client shall pay such invoice on presentation of invoice.

4. Cancellation by Company 4.1 Ultimate Travel Experience may cancel the Booking: 4.1.1 if the Booking might prejudice the reputation of Ultimate Travel Experience; 4.1.2 if the Accommodation owner or Ultimate Travel Experience deems the Client to have acted in an unsuitable manner (this will include the use of illegal drugs or bad behaviour and / or language, including but not limited to, towards it staff); 4.1.3 under Clause 2.4; and 4.1.4 if Ultimate Travel Experience becomes aware of any deterioration in the Client’s financial situation such that the Company reasonably considers the Client may not be able to fulfil its material obligations under the Contract. The Company may charge the cancellation fees provided in Clause 3 in the event of any cancellation under this Clause 4. 4.2 Entry to the Accommodation may also be refused if the Accommodation owner deems the Client to have acted in an unsuitable manner. 5. Changes by Company Ultimate Travel Experience reserves the right without prior notice to change the Client’s assigned Accommodation or venue for one of equal suitability if Ultimate Travel Experience has reasonable commercial or operational reasons for so doing (including, but not limited to, the carrying out of works on the relevant property or such property being otherwise unavailable). 6. Liability & Scope 6.1 Ultimate Travel Experience is a booking agent. The service that we provide to you is limited to making your bookings on your behalf. The terms and conditions of each Accommodation, venue or provider will also apply. The Accommodation, venues and vehicles are owned and maintained by the owners, and as such, are not the responsibility of Ultimate Travel Experience. The drivers are self-employed and have their own insurance in place. The Company can not be held liable for any loss or injury occurring as a result of somebody else’s breach or negligence. 6.2 Clients must obtain their own insurance and satisfy themselves that it is sufficient to cover their needs. 6.3 Subject to Clause 6.6, the Company shall not be liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any indirect, consequential or economic losses or loss of profits however arising. 6.4 In no event will the Company’s liability for any loss or damage in contract or tort (including negligence) or howsoever otherwise arising, exceed the total amount paid by the Client for the Event. 6.5 The Company shall not be liable for any breach of the terms and conditions or delay or failure in providing services as a result of causes beyond its reasonable control including (but not limited to) fire, floods, pandemics, strikes, delays in transportation, failure of services or inability to obtain any necessary information or consent from any authority.

7. General 7.1 Personal Liability If any agreement is signed in the name of a corporation, partnership, club or society, the persons so signing represents and warrants to Ultimate Travel Experience that he or she has full authority to sign such contract and in the event that he or she is not so authorised, he or she will be personally liable for the faithful performance of this agreement. 7.2 Bookings are made in MAD, and therefore the final GBP price of your booking may fluctuate. 7.3 Drug use and illegal substances are banned from all of the Accommodation at all times. Any use will result in the Client being asked to leave the Accommodation immediately. 7.4 Check in time at the Accommodation is 2pm and check out time is midday. 7.5 Clubs may change the music that they play at short or no notice. The club may also refuse admission at their own discretion. Ultimate Travel Experience accepts no responsibility for this, as it is outside of their control. 7.6 Ultimate Travel Experience accepts no responsibilities for the loss of theft of personal 7.7 The Company can not be held liable for any discrepancies in the description of the Accommodation or venues, as their information is passed on in good faith. 7.8 Under extenuating circumstances Ultimate Travel Experience reserves the right to change / amend a client’s Accommodation booking. 8. Definitions 8.1 “Booking” means a booking under a Contract 8.2 “Client” means the person, firm or company responsible for commissioning and payment of the Event. 8.3 “Contract” means the written agreement between Ultimate Travel Experience Ltd trading as ‘Ultimate Travel Experience’ and the Client for a specific booking or series of bookings. 8.4 “Event” means the event or function specified in the Contract. 8.5 “Working Day” means Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays and other public holidays. 8.6 “Accommodation” means the villa, hotel or apartment that has been booked for you.

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